Effect of Promotion, Rank, and Tenure Guidelines on Open Data Distribution

1. Abstract

Promotion, rank, and tenure (PRT) guidelines have been cited as a key motivation for why and how faculty choose to publish their research. Open-access (OA) advocates have noted in particular that lukewarm or negative portrayals of OA venues in PRT guidelines can result in decreased participation in OA publishing. In response to this concern, some universities have begun to experiment with adding language to PRT guidelines that invites broader participation in publishing venues, including OA publishing. Of interest in this study is the impact of PRT guidelines on the distribution of open data. Specifically, this poster will rely on information gathered from SHARE to consider the prevalence of participation in open data publishing at schools that include more expensive PRT guidelines.

Talea Anderson (talea.anderson@wsu.edu), Washington State University, United States of America

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