Diversity and Inclusion for Digital Humanists

1. Abstract

This workshop highlights issues of diversity, inclusivity, and collaboration in Digital Humanities.

Through practical exercises and dialogue, we build a safe atmosphere for the discussion of strategies to isolate obstacles preventing diversity and offer solutions for the development of inclusive environments.

As part of our work, we developed The Privilege Game, used to emphasize and showcase the many different kinds of privilege derived from our society's power structures and to create awareness among practitioners of the contrasts to be found in the rich and ever-growing space of the Digital Humanities.

We cover topics such as "implicit bias," "cultural cloning," privilege, intersectionality and solutions to be implemented in the creation of safe and inclusive environments.

Barbara Bordalejo (barbara.bordalejo@usask.ca), University of Saskatchewan, Canada and Daniel Paul O'Donnell (daniel.odonnell@uleth.ca), University of Lethbridge, Canada

Theme: Lux by Bootswatch.