Exploring the Undiscovered Contours of DH

1. Abstract

How can scholars on the margins of DH articulate their work in DH publications, grants, and other professional and disciplinary outlets? In this interactive forum, we aim to explore inclusion--or exclusion--in what counts as “digital humanities” among scholars across disciplines, institutional contexts, and employment statuses. We begin by surveying audience members about the alternative ways that they represent their digital work and their different institutional contexts. We then ask participants to explore how esoteric terms such as “digital humanities” may be illegible to administrators and the public and the effects of this illegibility on their pedagogy and professional work. After collectively articulating the problem as it stands today, forum leaders will facilitate a problem-solving conversation that might begin addressing the issue.

Amanda Marie Licastro (amanda.licastro@gmail.com), Stevenson University, United States of America, Lee Elaine Skallerup Bessette (ls1335@georgetown.edu), Georgetown University, Zachary N Whalen (zwhalen@umw.edu), University of Mary Washington and Anne B. McGrail (mcgraila@lanecc.edu), Lane Community College, Eugene, Oregon US

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