Analysis and Visualisation of Complex Familial Relationships in Greek Mythology

1. Abstract

Greek Mythology contains numerous idiosyncratic familial relationships that pose unusual challenges for systematic analysis and visualisation. This project examines these idiosyncracies by using a subset of the Greek Mythology data collected according to the MANTO ontology developed by Dr Greta Hawes. This includes the design and development of a user-friendly web-based tool and graph layout that visualises and explores these complex relationships in the context of the digital humanities. In the process, it hopes to generate new avenues of research for data visualisation of complex linked open data structures, and raise societal awareness for unconventional "family" and "relationship" types.

Yaya Chenyue Lu (, Research School of Computer Science, The Australian National University, Ben Swift , Research School of Computer Science, The Australian National University and Greta Hawes , Research School of Humanities & the Arts, The Australian National University

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