Xtralingua An open-source tool for extracting quantitative text profiles

1. Abstract

The aim of this poster is to present a novel tool for extracting quantitative text profiles from corpora using a friendly Graphical User Interface. Xtralingua is a software that incorporates over 60 specialized quantitative text analysis measurements including text readability and lexical diversity indices as well as specialized measurements in the text inspired by theoretical work done in the area of Quantitative Linguistics. The tool is open-source and can be further enriched with custom quantitative text indices that the users can add using a scripting language. Xtralingua offers researchers with no specialized technical skills the ability to quickly extract rich quantitative text profiles for further processing. Moreover, it is easy to operate and can support both research and teaching needs in a variety of DH topics.

Panagiotis Papantonakis (gmikros@gmail.com), Hellenic OCR Team, Fotios Fitsilis , Hellenic Parliament, Sotiris Leventis , Hypernetica and George Mikros , Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Qatar

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