Open, Digital Scholarship Issues, Initiatives, and Research Commons in the Humanities and Social Sciences

1. Abstract

In the spirit of the public humanities, initiatives are emerging that foster the open sharing, re-purposing, and development of scholarly projects, publications, educational resources, data, and tools. One example is the Canadian Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) Commons, an in-development prototype for a national-scale, online research commons that features:

The workshop includes:

This initiative builds on consultations among Implementing New Knowledge Environments (INKE) Partnership members—in particular the Canadian Social Knowledge Institute, Compute Canada, and the Federation for the HSS—and has roots in similar initiatives such as Humanities Commons, a partner in this work.

This platform is intended to serve the unique needs of the Canadian HSS community. Based on early-stage consultations we anticipate that it will draw a significant number of DH practitioners. This prototype is built on HUBZero—an open source content management system available for deployment within other international contexts as well.

Alyssa Arbuckle (, University of Victoria, Canada and Ray Siemens (, University of Victoria, Canada

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