Mapping Meaning learnings from indigenous mapping technology for Australia's digital humanities mapping infrastructure

1. Abstract

Time Layered Cultural Map (TLCMap) is an ambitious, ARC funded, digital humanities mapping infrastructure initiative in Australia. It aims to make open access digital mapping easier and develop new functionality for humanities researchers, supporting open scholarship. TLCMap is at the intersection of digital humanities research, the general public, colonial histories and 40,000 years of living indigenous culture in which 'country' is of central importance. To avoid symbolic repetition of the violence of ‘terra nullius’ this Australian mapping infrastructure begins with learning from rather than about indigenous mapping technology. Recent indigenous mapping projects highlight the usefulness of digital mapping, and areas for improvement in functionality. Beyond mapping indigenous 'content' as object of study, our development is informed by indigenous mapping techniques. Theoretical considerations about the ontological and ethical functions of mapping and translation lead to practical digital mapping tools.

Bill Pascoe (, University of Newcastle, Australia

Theme: Lux by Bootswatch.