Situated Materialities, Object Agency and Resistant Bodies in Subalternized Craft Neoliberal Market/Tourist Logics and Questions around what/why of the “decolonializing” of digital humanities

1. Abstract

This paper draws on ethnographic work in various indigenous and international contexts of digital archiving and on research in subaltern craft communities to think through the ontic/epistemic imaginaries (Verran, 2001) and the issues surrounding the inclusion of subaltern craft communities in digital global space either through museumizing or entrepreneurial promises of reaching global markets. In doing so, we raise questions regarding the scalar politics of “authenticity” from local to supranational contexts while problematizing notions of “untouched” cultural products.

Radhika Gajjala (, Bowling Green State University, United States of America, Rhiannon Bettivia , University of Illinois, Illinois, USA, Taylar Stagnar , Bowling Green State University, United States of America and Rustina Untari , Soegijapranata Catholic University, Semarang, Indonesia

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