The Fight for National Language Rights in the USSR

1. Abstract

This presentation is part of “Collapse and Rebirth: A Living Archive on the End of the USSR and Afterward (1985-1994).” We have already developed the prototype website for the project, using a combination of two platforms (Esri Arcgis Storymaps, and Omeka S.The site will support public commentary by eyewitnesses, suggestions for additional events to be featured, and offers of archival material for curation and inclusion. It will include bibliographic entries for each event, and will provide links to other archival materials and digital resources on the topic that are available on the internet. We are proposing a lightening talk by MSU faculty and student team members at DH2020 introducing second phase “stories” on the political movements and protests that were key to getting rights of national language usage and status restored during the period 1987-1989 in several republics and autonomous regions of the USSR.

Martha Brill Olcott (, Michigan State University, United States of America, Michael Downs , Michigan State University, United States of America and Ryan Lumbsden , Michigan State University, United States of America

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