Towards a Multilingual DH

1. Abstract

The Anglophone-centricity of digital humanities continues to be an impediment to DH scholars who work on, or teach with, materials in other languages. Tools and tutorials are almost all designed to work with English, and while it may be possible to adapt them for use with other languages, it’s not always obvious for a given language what adaptations are needed -- or even possible -- to bridge the language gap. This forum will be an opportunity for anyone with an interest in multilingual DH to take stock of the current state of the field as applied to any language(s) that they work with, discuss the impediments they face in doing multilingual DH, and identify potential collaborators for addressing these issues.

Geoffrey Bacon (, University of California, Berkeley, Svenja Gülden (, AKU Project, Roseline Agunbiade (, Federal University of Technology, Akure and Lorella Viola , Utrecht University

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