NEH Funding for Digital Projects

1. Abstract

It can be overwhelming for US-based digital humanities scholars to navigate through the National Endowment for the Humanities’s (NEH) extensive list of funding opportunities to find the right program to fund their digital projects. Since the Office of Digital Humanities (ODH) began funding digital projects in 2008, complementary grant programs have expanded while others emerged across the Endowment to support digital work. ODH remains the home for funding experimental, innovative digital methods and infrastructure projects in humanities research, teaching and learning, public digital humanities, and scholarly communications. Yet, it is only one of many divisions with grant programs that might fund your next project. The poster will be designed with questions prompting visitors to address the goals, methods, audiences, and final products of their digital projects to guide them to finding an appropriate funding opportunity. Brennan will advise and discuss opportunities available for individuals and organizations.

Sheila A Brennan (, National Endowment for the Humanities, United States of America

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