Women and Power in the Later Roman Empire Diachronic and Geospatial Analysis Possibilities from TEI-Encoded Roman Legal Codes

1. Abstract

This poster will highlight two different analytical possibilities from a robust TEI (Text-Encoding Initiative) XML (eXtensible Markup Language) encoding of an ancient source, the Theodosian Code, one of the foundational documents for Roman and, by extension, modern law. The first attempts to correlate laws affecting women to imperial policy; the second highlights the power projections of emperors through their travels. These two act as proofs-of-concept for a larger project, the analysis of Late Roman socio-political structures via a full digital editioning of the Theodosian Code.

JaShong King (jking113@uottawa.ca), University of Ottawa, Canada and Lydia Schriemer (lschr023@uottawa.ca), University of Ottawa, Canada

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