Reimagining Graduate Education in the Digital Humanities From Below

1. Abstract

This workshop welcomes all participants with an interest in graduate education and training in data-oriented work in the humanities. It seeks to provide a space in which current models from a range of national and institutional contexts can be shared, evaluated, critiqued and reimagined, with a particular emphasis on those who have experience of graduate education ‘from below’: students, practitioners and scholars from visible minorities and other groups who are not well represented in positions of institutional power where decisions about graduate education are made. In addition to those with teaching and program leadership responsibilities, we are particularly keen to include current graduate students, early career scholars, those who are or have been precariously employed, those in alt-ac positions, and professionals working outside the academy in fields where digital humanities graduates might be hired.

The workshop is intended not as a teacher-led tutorial, but rather as an intensive conversation in which lightning talks will be interspersed with writing sprints, such that engaging discussions can be quickly sparked and insights captured through periods of focused writing.

Please note that a grant proposal is currently under consideration by the Royal Society of Edinburgh which, if successful, will enable us to provide bursaries to cover the workshop fee for ten participants, and provide a contribution of around $CAD650 towards the travel costs of four of those participants. These bursaries are intended to help those from countries outside the US and Canada to attend the workshop who might otherwise find the costs prohibitive.

Simon Appleford (, Creighton University, United States, Gabriel Hankins (, Clemson University, United States and Anouk Lang (, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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