Asian American Digital Humanities Building Radical Communities through Justice-Oriented Praxis

1. Abstract

This forum brings together Asian Americanist faculty, librarians, and students to unpack and frame research, pedagogy, and praxis in both digital humanities and Asian American studies: What does Asian/Am DH look like? What form might a community of practice in Asian/Am DH take? How best can we support Asian Americanists, whose field is historically grounded in community organizing and activism, in applying DH methods to their scholarship? As we address these questions, we will foreground how Asian/Am DH, like other ethnic studies informed DH praxis, centers concerns of race, social justice, transnationalism, and community. In the ethos of public digital humanities, one of the conference themes for DH2020, this forum emphasizes inclusion, care, community, and anti-racist collaboration.

Anne Cong-Huyen (, University of Michigan, United States of America, Dhanashree Thorat (, Mississippi State University, United States of America, Setsuko Yokoyama (, University of Maryland, United States of America, Arun Jacob (, University of Toronto, Canada and Amardeep Singh (, Lehigh University, United States of America

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