Building new global DH communities Africa and beyond

1. Abstract

DH has been expanding almost exponentially over the past few years, with the DH2019 conference being the biggest conference to date with more than 1000 participants. Despite this large number, broad representation of a global DH community is still lagging behind, with North-America and Europe still representing more than 80% of the participants despite international growth elsewhere, especially in Africa.  

This forum aims to build on this foundation of DH2019 as well as the work done by GO::DH and aims to further facilitate discussions around the theme of how we can promote global DH intersections, accessibility and participation not just for African DH scholars but any independent scholar.

The forum will have three elements:

  1. Pre-conference engagement with the DH community
  2. The forum session at DH2020.
  3. Dissemination of results as part of an enhanced publication

Discussion points will be facilitated through multimodal asynchronous contributions before, during (streaming) and after the conference.  

Juan Steyn (, SADiLaR, South Africa, Tunde Ope-Davies (, University of Lagos, Nigeria, Felix Ameka (, Leiden University, The Netherlands and Sara Petrollino (, Leiden University, The Netherlands

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