New Scholarship in the Digital Age Making, Publishing, Maintaining, and Preserving Non-Traditional Scholarly Objects

1. Abstract

We discuss the myriad ways digital scholarship is being conceived, produced, distributed, and preserved in the digital humanities. This short paper is based on the results of an 18-month A.W. Mellon-funded project called Digits: A Platform to Facilitate the Production of Digital Scholarship, in which we interviewed 75 subjects involved in the creation, publication, maintenance, and preservation of Non-Traditional Scholarly Objects (NTSOs). We further studied containerization and other possible sociotechnical interventions suggested in secondary literature, which might reduce points of friction around NTSOs.

Matt Burton (, University of Pittsburgh, Matthew J. Lavin , University of Pittsburgh, Jessica Otis , George Mason University and Scott B. Weingart , Carnegie Mellon University, United States of America

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