FAIR Data Principles for the Humanities and Social Sciences Sharing Knowledge and Perspectives Between Europe and Canada

1. Abstract

When it comes to open science and to defining pathways to achieve it, the specificities of research practices in the Humanities and Social Sciences are a challenge. HSS research fields are fragmented into many disciplines. Usually grounded in regional, national and linguistic communities, HSS research data are multifaceted, encoded in various formats, languages, and metadata schemas.

Through the presentation of CO-OPERAS’ objectives and work plan, this forum proposal, driven by Kevin Key, dean of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Ottawa, will bring together European and Canadian stakeholders to engage in a trans-Atlantic discussion around open science and FAIR principles in the Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS).

More specifically, by tackling the topic with a specific focus on public and institutional policies, we will ask ourselves, and the public, what would be the conditions for the Canadian research community to efficiently join the movement.

Kevin Kee (kkee@uottawa.ca), Ottawa University, Arnaud Gingold , CO-OPERAS/OpenEdition, France, Nicky Agate , HuMetricsHSS, United States, Emilie Paquin , Erudit, Canada, Mark Leggott , Research Data Canada, John Simpson , Compute Canada and Jeff Moon , Portage/CARL

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