Subject Analysis of Cultural Heritage Consuls in Taiwan and Diplomatic Incidents

1. Abstract

Cultural heritage preserves the details of people’s life around the globe. Consulates including the British Consulate at Takao and Fort San Domingo are all important cultural heritage of Taiwan. It is highly suggested that more exhibitions about consuls’ life stories and their connections to Taiwan could be held in the future. The study collected material by searching information of consuls in Taiwan through Taiwan History Digital Library (THDL) and using DocuSky to build a theme lexical database. Enhancing the values of Taiwanese cultural heritage such as consulates helps promote Taiwan’s experience in pursuing happiness to the world. It is hoped that the exploration of consuls in Taiwan, the establishment of consulates, and the relation between consuls and diplomatic incidents could facilitate the understanding of texts and the meanings, contexts of peripheral background information and further exert the influence of digital humanity on academic research and application.

Shu-hui Lin (, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

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