Creating Digital Collections with Minimal Infrastructure Hands On with CollectionBuilder for Teaching and Exhibits

1. Abstract

Build a digital collection in a day! Using CollectionBuilder-GH, workshop participants will learn fundamental web and DH skills working with CSV data and digital files to generate websites that facilitate browsing and visualizing digital collections in multiple ways. Similar to Omeka, but completely free and highly customizable, CollectionBuilder-GH is an open source project optimized for non-developers and hosted on GitHub Pages. The tool is designed to lower barriers to hosting, development, and access, empowering users to take full ownership over their project while serving it on minimal infrastructure and bandwidth. By the end of this workshop, participants will have gained the knowledge and independence necessary to implement CollectionBuilder in contexts that include creating and disseminating custom research collections or teaching digital exhibits in the classroom.

Olivia Wikle (, University of Idaho, United States of America, Evan Williamson (, University of Idaho, United States of America and Devin Becker (, University of Idaho, United States of America

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