The dynamics of Czechoslovakia’s policy as a reaction to the influence of the USSR and the Warsaw Pact countries on the materials of the archive of special services and the periodical press of Czechoslovakia 1968-1989.

1. Abstract

Relations between Czechoslovakia and the USSR are an important block in the political history and history of international relations. The study of this problem field allows us to rethink the ideological conflict that arose during the relationship between the two states, the echoes of which are felt in the modern world in the form of vandal actions directed at monuments, at the joint historical and cultural heritage of the USSR and Czechoslovakia, to once again urge the public to pay attention to existing problems originating in the past.

The study uses the methods and approaches of historical informatics, computer source studies, and computer linguistics. This methodological synthesis allows you to take a fresh look at archival sources and engage in the analysis of previously unexplored information potential of documents and periodicals. And to create, based on the new data, dynamic models for constructing politics in Czechoslovakia.

Anatoly Vladimirovich Iashchenko (, Perm State University, Russian Federation

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