1. Abstract

Through movements, organizations and pedagogical initiatives, such as transformDH, FemTechNet and DOOCs, the field of digital humanities was invited to rethink its initial traditional and anglocentric structures. Although the field has made efforts to center people and knowledges not included in its initial work, there is still much to be done.

On this panel, each Latinx presenter will speak about their work in DH, discuss how their projects/work resists traditional anglocentric/Eurocentric/phallocentric epistemologies, the methodologies they use to create knowledge in order to fight the erasure of Latinx voices, and address how a radical Latinx feminist perspective can work in conjunction with the philosophy of open education to create curriculums using primary archives and student and community knowledge to trouble the standard narrative in the process of creating Openly licensed resources (OER).

Gabriela Baeza Ventura (gbventura@uh.edu), University of Houston, United States of America, María Cotera (mcotera@umich.edu), University of Michigan, Linda García Merchant (garciamerchant@gmail.com), University of Nebraska, Marco Seiferle-Valencia (marcomarias@gmail.com), University of Idaho, KarenMary Davalos (kdavalos@umn.edu), University of Minnesota and AnneMarie Pérez (aperez@csudh.edu), CSU-Dominguez Hills

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