Should We Burn it Down? The State of Librarians in Digital Humanities Pedagogy, From Uriah Heeps to Unicorns

1. Abstract

This forum aims to open up critical discussion about the roles of librarians in digital humanities (DH) pedagogy, and more broadly, how organizational structures and practices of the university writ large have 1) shaped the roles available for librarians within DH and 2) deepened a cultural divide between information professionals and other academic disciplines.

What does it mean to teach digital humanities as a librarian? What is library pedagogy today? What is the role of DH pedagogy in library-based DH centers, which may be in the library but not of the library? How does the neoliberal-led assessment-turn impact library pedagogy, particularly library DH pedagogy? What are the relationships between librarians and the rest of academe? This forum aims to address these questions, while also serving as a provocation on the relationships between digital humanities and library and information science, and the role of librarians connecting those spheres through pedagogy.

Caitlin Christian-Lamb (, University of Maryland, United States of America, Nickoal Eichmann-Kalwara (, University of Colorado Boulder, United States of America, Ian Goodale (, University of Texas at Austin, United States of America and Sarah Melton (, Boston College, Unites States of America

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