Multilayer Network Applications in Poetry. Centralities & Automated Corpus Expansion in Computationally Assembled Anthologies

1. Abstract

The paper details a few components of our international research program—Belgian and Canadian—undertaking to analyze multilayer networks and then apply these algorithms in dealing with poetry corpora. The Canadian team has developed over the past 5 years natural language processing (NLP) poetry classifiers that have been used in analyzing networked poetry corpora while the Belgian team has recently contributed algorithms for assembling multiple layers, analyzing the resulting multigraphs, and then deploying the algorithms in automatically analyzing and expanding poetry corpora.

Chris Tanasescu (MARGENTO) (, UC Louvain, Belgium, Diana Inkpen (, University of Ottawa, Canada, Jean Vanderdonckt , UC Louvain, Belgium, Nicolas Burny , UC Louvain, Belgium and Vaibhav Kesarwani , University of Ottawa, Canada

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