Operationalizing Surveillance Studies in the Digital Humanities

1. Abstract

For critical digital humanists, surveillance is a site where issues surrounding race, gender, and sexuality intersect with our digital lives. Works such as Simone Browne’s Dark Matters: On the Surveillance of Blackness reveal a growing concern with surveillance, with groups such as SurvDH and the Digital Library Federation’s Technologies of Surveillance (ToS) working group providing outlets for digital humanists to explore these topics in more depth.

Digital humanists are searching for a clear articulation of our field’s engagement with surveillance theory/studies. This panel brings together the founders of SurvDH to develop a praxis of (counter)surveillance in the digital humanities. In particular, we will discuss:

Christina Boyles (cboyles@msu.edu), Michigan State University, United States of America, Arun Jacob (arun.jacob@mail.utoronto.ca), University of Toronto, Canada, Andy Boyles Petersen (andyjp@msu.edu), Michigan State University, United States of America and Megan Wilson (megeileenwilson@gmail.com), Independent Scholar, Canada

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