Designing accessible platforms Site-specific digital literature for people with visual impairment

1. Abstract

In this paper I discuss the approach and process involved in the design and development of an accessible platform and user interface for people with visual impairment to experience site-specific digital literature. A participative approach, departing from the principle “nothing about us, without us”, laid the foundation for the project in collaboration with a school for learners with visual impairment in South Africa. Principles within the fields of universal, accessibility and user centred design, were applied in the development and design of the project. The research and design processes included experimentation with both braille and digital interfaces. In order to facilitate users with various levels of vision I designed and implement a multi-layered user interface consisting of graphical, audio and physical interfaces. With more exploration, the design solutions used in this project could offer new possibilities for accessible spaces, as well as alternative publication solutions for people with visual impairment.

Wilhelm Gustaf Tempelhoff (, North-West University, South Africa

Theme: Lux by Bootswatch.