On behalf of the ADHO Conference Coordinating Committee and the DH2020 Program Committee, we cordially invite you to nominate individuals to serve as reviewers for the DH2020 to be held at the Carleton University and the University of Ottawa, 20-25 July 2020.

Nominees should meet at least two of the following criteria:

  • Be currently associated directly with or have been associated professionally with an institutional DH program, project, or initiative within the last three years.
  • Hold at least a Master’s degree or equivalent in a relevant discipline (including but not limited to Humanities, Science(s), Library Science, Fine Arts).
  • Have presented at an ADHO-, CO- or SIG-organized conference, symposium, colloquium, or equivalent.
  • Have published a DH-specific article or essay in a scholarly journal or volume (either print or electronic).

Nominations for reviewers should reflect ADHO’s mission and seek to improve the diversity and inclusivity of the conference. In putting forward a candidate the nominator should be cognizant of, and attentive to, their own organization’s statement of diversity.

Nominations should be submitted by 15 August 2019, possible. We will add any additional reviewers on the first of each month in September and October via our collection form.

In addition, for DH2020, we are happy to review any reviewer lists you may have from your own conferences, events, etc. that have been sponsored by an ADHO organization. We will cross-reference your list with the existing DH conference reviewer database to identify any missing individuals who might be invited. Please send a spreadsheet of all names and email addresses (at minimum) to Diane Jakacki (dkj004@bucknell.edu) with the Program Committee chairs cc’d at pc2020@adho.org.